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January 03, 2007


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Mark Stosberg

I appreciate the addition of "svk commit --interactive". This a feature that darcs has had since I've used it, and I believe svk was inspired by.

I still prefer darcs, but the svk makes using svn servers more tolerable when I have to. Plus, svk is written in Perl, which is a plus for me.


I am currently using svk 1.06 and svn 1.3. I am getting ready to upgrade svn to 1.4.x, it looks like it makes sense to upgrade svn to 2.0 are there any upgrade instructions?


SVK mirror - Fast? What are you kidding. I been trying to mirror one Apache project for the last 48 hours and it doesn't do anything.. It doesn't even say any status information or anything.. Its wired.

Retriving log information ..

bingo its been retriving log info ever since....



That sounds more like a bug than a performance problem. I'd appreciate it a great deal if you could report it to the svk-devel mailing list (with enough detail for us to reproduce and fix it)



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