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October 18, 2006

Repeating tasks. Repeating tasks. Repeating tasks.

Hiveminder now supports repeating tasks.  Right now, you can only set up repeating events if you've told us you want to beta test user.

But don't despair! You can turn on beta features whenever you'd like. Just visit your Hiveminder preferences page and click the "Beta features" checkbox and hit save.

You can make any task start repeating just by clicking on the task in a list and then clicking the "Repeat" tab.  Once you get over the abject horror of the spartan user interface, you'll find that it's pretty easy to say how often the task should repeat (daily, weekly, monthly or annually), how much notice you have before the task repeats and most importantly whether repeats should stack up.

There are two kinds of repeating todos in this world: things you can get away with skipping now and again and paying the rent. If your repeating task is something innocent like "remember to take out the trash" and you let it go for a week, you don't need two tasks telling you to "Take out the garbage" task next week -- Just a kick in the pants. If, on the other hand, you forget to pay the rent, we're going to make damn sure that those tasks "stack up" so you know  you owe your landlord two checks. 

Repeating events are most definitely still a "beta" feature. Only three of us have ever used them. We want to know that they do what you need before we tell the world:

  "Yes! We'll remind you to change the batteries in your smoke alarms for the next 10 years!"

It's time to start putting in:

    Pay the rent [due: november 1]
    Take out the trash [due: next tuesday]
    Finish doing my taxes [due: February 1]
    Feed the cat [due: tomorrow]

And once they're in there once, you'll never have to do it again.


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neat, but can we have categorys as well as tags?

Can you explain why you'd like categories in addition to tags? We haven't found a case for them that didn't also "just work" with tags. And we're quite hesitant to overload the user with yet another concept for categorization.

I'd use categorys to provide a nice overview of different types of task - business admin, client work, family, f/loss, etc.

Tags spread accross that nicely, but categorys make it much easier to organise and view at a glance.

This is definitely something I use tags for. We 're trying really hard not to add additional "concepts" to Hiveminder that add complexity without adding real value. If you could designate some of your tags as "categories", how would the work differently than regular tags?

I'd expect them to work as groups currently do - nice dropdown to get to them quickly, and the tags interface that only shows tags for that group work great.

I'm afraid I've abused the groups to organise stuff into categories, and I fear that eats into the groups shared namespace.

I can't seem to get repeating tasks to work. When I check it off, a new one isn't showing up - I've tried changing the due date, the heads up count... Help........

Oooh, is there a way to delete my email address from the previous comment? I didn't realize it would actually show up there!

The repeating task interface is very confusing and often doesn't turn out the results I expect. Instead of specifying an arbitrary number of days and weeks in a few different forms I would like to see an interface something like that of Microsoft Outlook's repeating tasks module.

Every (x) (day, week, month, year) on (checkboxes for days)

this might render:
every 1 week on Monday and Tuesday.

I take it the truth must hurt

I get the same problem as Kaitlin - when I complete a monthly repeating task, it doesn't come back next month.

Repeating tasks won't work for me - when I complete a monthly task, it doesn't come back next month.

I'm in the same boat as many of the last several posters -- repeating tasks don't.

I e-mailed support about this a few moments ago. Hopefully they'll respond soon; I'll share their response here.

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