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December 11, 2006

Jifty at the London Perl Workshop

I got to present a pair of talks on  Jifty at the London Perl Workshop this weekend. It's always a pleasure to get to hang out with the folks from london.pm....even if they do attempt to drag me out for drunken Karaoke on occasion.

Seriously, though, I had a great time.

I was the first talk of the morning in the beginners' track. The "intro-level" talk is a derivative of the talk I gave at OSCON, by way of Audrey's presentation of it at Amazon. You can download a PDF of the talk.

After lunch, I was the first talk in the advanced track.  As I'd been expecting to give a second (shorter) introductory talk, I spent most of the plane ride over and the previous evening desperately cranking out slides for Scary Jifty, a talk about some of the deep magic we're using behind the scenes to make developing with Jifty simple and clean. If you want to see a bit about Template::Declare, IPC::PubSub and some hacks that...will likely be used by my detractors to besmirch my good name, check out a PDF of the talk.


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That bless(...,0) is interesting but did it ever occur to you that someone else might want that package? It's easier to get to than "\0" is.

Wouldn't it be saner to coerce ref() into being a multi-method so it returns false values on objects that prefer to think of themselves as not-objects?

You'll want to take it up with Audrey. (Though the docs to Scalar::Defer may clue you in to what's going on).

Oh, it's just Scalar::Defer? That's got a bummer of an interface. Class 0 is for when there's an essential need to bypass some bad logic that uses ref() like a boolean, not just because you're using an object that wants to pretend to be a value.

ref() is never a boolean. That's what defined( blessed ... ) is for.

Gotta disagree with you there. until Scalar::Defer came along, The behaviour of package 0 was undefined (and docced as such). Scalar::Defer is the reason the behaviour is now documented and tested in the perl core.

Slides links seem to be broken. Where I could find them? Thank you


Sorry about that. Should be fixed now.

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